LensWork Extended #112

LensWork and LensWork Extended are two of my favorite magazines. LensWork is a text publication that comes out in alternate months, and LensWork Extended is a DVD-based version that comes out in the off-months (there’s also a download-only version). LensWork itself comes an essay or two, an interview, and a number of black & white portfolios. LensWork Extended adds a few portfolios, including some in color, and includes audio interviews with many of the photographers. It’s hard for me to say which aspect of LensWork I enjoy the most- the paper photos are exquisitely printed, the digital portfolios look great on my iPad, and the interviews are always interesting and insightful.

LensWork Extended 112 contained a number of interesting portfolios. Here is a brief description of my favorites, along with a link to the photographers’s online portfolio. If you like what you see, visit the LensWork.com website.

Closed for the Season by Brian Reitenauer visits an amusement park in rural Pennsylvania. This is no Six Flags; instead, it is the kind of small-time park that I remember growing up. The photos were all taken during the off-season, and shot in an aged sepia. They definitely look and feel like photos from a forgotten time. Images of empty bumper cars, roller coasters, old machinery, and faded signs fill the portfolio. In this case, however, the park will open again; the park isn’t dead, it’s merely sleeping.

Darcie Sternenberg(Flash site, unfortunately) visits the Palouse region in eastern Washington in On Folded Earth. This is a region of big sky, puffy clouds, rolling hills, mostly used as farmland. Her photos emphasize the curves and ripples of the earth, offset against the grooved plow lines. Outstanding texture.

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