Some Management Links

Some Management Links

I have a small pile of interesting articles that have accumulated over the years. I’m going to clear them out in one big post.

The Six Deadly Sins of Leadership by Jack Welch.
1. Not Giving Self-Confidence its Due
2. Muzzling Voice
3. Acting Phony
4. Lacking the Guts to Differentiate
5. Fixation on Results at the Expense of Values
6. Skipping the Fun Part

How Criticizing in Private Undermines Your Team in the Harvard Business Review
“Praise in public, criticize in private”, right? Isn’t that the conventional wisdom? It’s wrong.

Courage in Bloomberg Businessweek.
Great anecdote about Alan Mulally, the CEO of Ford Motor Company and his efforts to instill candor in his management team. Sent to me by Wendii Lord of [Manager Tools](], the world’s leading site for management and career recommendations.

Bullshit Job Title Generator
Yeah, OK, this one is just fun. Generate a new and thrilling job title for yourself or a friend in seconds flat!