This year Dorinna turns 50, and she wanted to take a trip to Paris to celebrate. For my job, I usually work remotely from Colorado. At the beginning of the year, I talked to my company and got permission to work remotely from our Paris office instead. Instead of our typical two or three week vacation, we were able to extend it to almost five. The name “Le Grand Voyage” is the French translation for “The Big Trip,” and this is the certainly the biggest trip our family has ever taken.

While I was there I took a number of pictures and kept a journal. I initially had a plan to publish to this blog in real-time. I only managed one post before realizing the folly of that plan. I was working and visiting France; I didn’t have time to spend hours each day working on blog posts (I had much more success publishing regularly to my Daily Rich iOS Photo site.) I prioritized writing my journal so that I wouldn’t forget anything, and even that fell behind. In fact, I finished writing my journal just a few days ago. That means it’s finally time to tell the story!

I have some grand ideas to tell the story of Le Grand Voyage. My strategy is to publish three kinds of posts as part of this effort:
1. The main story, including pictures and an occasional video. These will be cross-posted to both my main and family blogs.
2. Fine art photography. Additional entries with more photos will appear on the main blog.
3. Nate’s journal. Dorinna and I weren’t the only ones who kept journals. With help from his parents, Nate assembled a journal of his trip, including text, photos, drawings, and other mementos. I’ve photographed the pages, and I’ll be publishing them alongside the main story on the family blog.

I certainly haven’t finished organizing and editing photos, but I have enough of a head start that it’s time to start posting. My goal for this ambitious project is to publish a new installment approximately every week. Check back frequently, or subscribe via RSS (I recommend feedly and Reeder). I’ll also announce posts on Facebook, but you’ll only see them if Facebook’s algorithm decides you should.

In a few days I’ll repost the first installment, which covers our travel days from Fort Collins to Paris. New episodes coming soon!

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