Today was a scorcher- no other way to put it. The pharmacy thermometer read 36℃ (that’s 97℉) at the high point of the day, and inside the trains it was significantly warmer.

We started (and as it turned out, ended) the day still waiting for our luggage. We didn’t know when the airline would call us, so Dorinna stayed in the apartment while Nate and I made a run to visit my office. Between the jet lag and the heat, Nate wilted like a piece of old lettuce, and what should have been a 90-minute trip dragged to over four hours. Learning to navigate the metro and RER trains was not hard, and I gained confidence as I went.

Nate looking wiped out

Train station near my office

After returning home, the three of us decided to take a second expedition. We took the Metro to Trocadéro, the classic viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower.

Nate and Dorinna at the Eiffel Tower

The Inevitable Selfie

We walked down the hill and over the Seine towards it, impressed with its size. Even after reading the guidebook saying that the tower is suprisingly massive up close, I was surpised at how massive it was up close.

One LEG of the tower

After walking away from the tower area, we visited Café le Bosquet for our first French dinner. Nate and I started with escargot. I wasn’t sure what Nate would think, but he absolutely loved them. I had a Chateaubriand steak for the main course- along with two glass of wine, of course.

The night breeze cooled off the city; a great way to end our first full day in Paris.

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