The day started as we waited for our luggage. And waited. And waited. And called. And waited some more. In some ways it was nice, as we got a chance to read and be mellow. It was also stressful as we jumped up at every sound outside the window. After all, we were in a non-descript apartment building with no doorbell and no way to get inside without the access code. Finally I just sat in the window and watched every approaching car and van. Our missing suitcase finally arrived around 3:00pm and we bolted out soon afterwards to the do the Rick Steves walking tour of Paris.

We didn’t make it very far. Honestly, we stalled out at our first destination, the Notre Dame cathedral (nice outside, not that great inside) and never recovered.

We had a wonderful snack though- ice cream for Dorinna and Nate, and a crepe for me. We then crossed over the Seine on a lock-covered bridge (I think Nate tried to photograph every lock).

It became obvious that the walking tour wasn’t going to work with Nate, so we took a boat tour on the Seine instead. Nice breezes and good views.

The night we had a good dinner of crepes at Café Med before some quick shopping and a trip home. While Dorinna shopped, I enjoyed just hanging out on the street, taking pictures and listening to street musicians playing Jazz.

Reading my notes, this wasn’t a particularly good day. Every trip has a day like this one though, as we adjust to new surroundings and a new time zone. Better days were ahead!

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