Today was Nate’s birthday! We started the day with every six year-old’s dream- chocolate and presents. Dorinna had surreptiously bought him some Playmobil knights the day before. He didn’t know what to think at first, but once he figured out that they could fight each other with swords and lances, he liked them much better.

He didn’t have long to play, though, before we piled onto a train bound for… Disneyland! Since it was his birthday, he got a phone call from Mickey Mouse at the town hall.

And then it was off to the rides. The whole Disneyland Paris experience was a bit surreal to us- the same rides as in the American park, but… French. The park still starts with Main Street, U.S.A.. There’s still a Frontierland. And just imagine Pirates of the Carribean with all of the songs sung in French. Nate didn’t seem to mind.

Peter Pan, Pinnochio, Dumbo, and Alice in Wonderland were all represented. He was a little scared in Star Tours, the Star Wars flight simulator. His favorite without question was the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride, where instead of riding passively in a car you shot a lasergun at targets.

We only skipped a few of the older kid rides (e.g., Space Mountain), and did Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast twice. We somehow found time to eat lunch and dinner, and visit 101 gift shops.

We were all pretty tired by the end, but this was definitely the high point of Nate’s trip to France. Happy Birthday Little Guy!

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