Calendar Photo of the Month- February 2016

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Every year I put together a calendar of my favorite images from the previous year. Each month here on the blog, I’ll the the photo from that month’s calendar page and tell the story behind it.


This image was from our first full day in France in June 2015. The heat wave gripping the city was blowing away on a cool breeze as the sun started to sink. On top of that, we were all beset by a late afternoon surge of jet lag energy. We took the Metro to Trocadéro, the classic viewpoint for the Eiffel Tower, which is where I shot this photo.

When I edited the image a few days later, I used the 100 Cameras in 1 app to give it a faded, old, and scratchy look. Although shot with my phone, and not one of the fancier cameras I brought to Paris, it remains one of my favorite images from the trip.

Technical Details: iPhone 5

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