Calendar Photo of the Month- May 2016

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Every year I put together a calendar of my favorite images from the previous year. Each month here on the blog, I’ll take the photo from that month’s calendar page and tell the story behind it.

This shot was taken on an evening photo walk in Redlands, CA. We were hoping for a nice sunset, but instead got a gloomy, overcast evening. With only a point-and-shoot and no tripod, the gloomy conditions were pretty bad for taking tack-sharp photos of flowers. So I didn’t even try. Instead, I tried to lengthen the exposure as much as possible and move the camera while shooting. This shot of a sunflower was one of my favorites. More details about the trip, and more photos, are available here.

Technical Data: Canon G12, f/8.0 at 1 second, ISO 100.

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