After the hustle and bustle of the previous day, and with plans of a busy day tomorrow, we decided to keep things pretty mellow.

We started the morning by going shopping. It’s probably worth clarifying that we went shopping for me. Shopping for Dorinna is an everyday occurance; shopping for me is a blog-worthy event. I bought a few Euro-outfits that I will no doubt use to embarrassing effect in the future.

After stopping home for lunch, we went to Jardin du Luxembourg. Nate started by playing with boats. At the big central fountain they rent little sailboats. They’re decorated in country colors. The kids use sticks to turn and push the boats. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds.

He played with Canada for 30 minutes and then for another 30 with Germany when Mike and the other Liprandis joined us. Unfortunately, they had evening plans, so Nate’s play date was a short one.

Eric Liprandi (Frenchman dressed like an American) and I (American dressed like a Frenchman)

Mike and Nate say good bye. They would meet next in Fort Collins.

We wandered around the rest of the park, letting Nate play with other games, before meandering back to La Petite Benoit, our favorite restaurant in Paris. It wasn’t as good the second time. We ate indoors, and the waitress wasn’t nearly as friendly and nice. Nate and I had more frog legs for an appetizer. I had three-color pasta and chicken in a sauce, and a pot of the chocolate cream for desert. We headed home- the end of our last full day in Paris proper.

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