Calendar Photo of the Month- July 2016

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Every year I put together a calendar of my favorite images from the previous year. Each month here on the blog, I’ll take the photo from that month’s calendar page and tell the story behind it.

This is another iPhone image from our trip to France.

After Paris and the Loire valley, we traveled to the coastal walled city of Saint-Malo. Saint-Malo is in Brittany, which, along with Normandy, has some of the highest tides in the world. On the day I made this image, we wandered out as far as the low tide permitted. We crossed a causeway to an island and saw the fort of Petit Bé in the distance. After about another thirty minutes, the tide went out low enough to make it across. I carried Nate on my shoulders across the waist-deep sea water. After the touring the fort, we got ready to ready to return to the city. To my surprise, the causeway was now completely dry. This shot shows Nate walking back to the city, no longer needing to ride on Daddy’s shoulders.

For those reading the story of Le Grand Voyage, this photo was taken on Day 28.

Technical Data: iPhone 5

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