WIRR 2017, February Week 3

I was driving home after doing some after-work errands when I noticed the spectacular sunset.  I spun the car around, found a safe place to park, and ran out into a nearby field to catch the light.  I thought the clouds on the horizon made the scene look particularly apocalyptic.  My favorite image of the week:



Apocalyptic Sunset



Fujifilm X-T2, Fujinon XF 18-55 f/2.8-4 R LM OIS at 19mm, f/8 at 1/30; ISO 400.


Digital Darkroom. First and foremost, I shot this using the Fujichrome Velvia film emulation on the camera.  This gave the whole image a fantastic color slam.  I nudged up the contrast just a bit, and increased clarity.  I then cropped tight, removing a building I didn’t want in the image.  Finally, I used the Touch ReTouch app to remove a pair of distracting lights in the otherwise pitch-black bottom of the frame.  


I took a series of images of course.  I liked the one belo, and felt it did a better job of showing the unusual clouds at the horizon.  I went back and forth about which one I liked better, before selecting the image above for its wonderful blue color.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get the blue color to show in this second image.




WIRR stands for Weekly Image Rich Ruh.  This regular feature on Das Has von Ruh will show and describe my favorite photo created during this weekly period. My weeks start on Mondays, as does the WIRR. I’m hoping to include commentary on the story, the setting, the specs, or the sentiments, depending on the circumstances.