Le Grand Voyage — Restarted

In 2015, our family took an extended trip to France for Dorinna’s 50th birthday. After the trip, I published numerous stories and photos about the trip. At about one post a week, I worked my way up through day 22 of the trip. And then I stopped.

I had become frustrated at how many other photographs weren’t making it onto the blog, and I decided that I would “catch up” and then resume telling the France story. Eighteen months later, I’m not caught up on other photos, and I haven’t written another post about France. So much for that plan.

It’s a new year and a new plan. My resolution for 2018 is to finish the story of Le Grand Voyage. As it turns out, this works out to about one day’s worth of material for every month in 2018. That feels like an achievable goal.

New material coming soon!

If you’re interested to read the old material, here’s a list of the posts so far:

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