No Agenda Vacation Day 3 — Sand Lakes (August 8)

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Today was a full day. After a good night’s sleep, we had a super casual morning, not finishing with reading, meditating, drinking coffee, eating, reading, doing dishes, reading, and reading until about 11:30.

The trail to Upper Sand Creek Lake was steep but interesting. The lake was nice, incredibly warmer than the Gunnison River had felt a few weeks ago.

We waded and hung out, enjoying the lake until the Boy Scout fishermen came over, making a racket. We ate lunch and then noticed that the valley below us was filled with rising mist. It enveloped the surrounding peaks and we put on full rain gear and found some trees to hang out under. While we waited for the rain to arrive, I went out with my camera.

I found a family of four, with kids Nate’s age, from Fort Collins of all places. We talked for a while. I took some pictures, and took Nate to see pikas and marmots that the family had told us about. This was Nate’s first time seeing pikas. By the time we were done, the threat of rain had passed.

We went back down to the valley and then headed up to Lower Sand Creek Lake. This wasn’t as nice, being situated at tree line, but still had towering cliffs overhead.

By the time we made it back to camp we had eight miles under belts. Nice job Nate! Dinner wasn’t as good as yesterday- a brand of freeze-dried meal that didn’t live up to the hype. That didn’t stop it from being a great day.

Day 3 — Sand Lakes on Strava

This is a series of posts about what I have dubbed the “No Agenda Vacation” from August 2018. I’ll chronicle our 13-day road trip through the southern Colorado mountains with stories and photos. With luck you’ll see a new post on roughly a weekly basis.

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