Three hours later, the alarm went off. It was time to get up again and go back to the airport. One more flight- this one across the country instead of over an ocean. The airline tried to seat us individually, but I convinced the person at the desk to not force the six-year-old to sit by himself. We also convinced the check-in people not to charge us to check our bags (that are free for international flights, after all). The trip was fairly straightforward and at around 2:00pm we walked in the door of the house. Family arrived to visit an hour later.

And that was it. 34 days in total. Our Grand Voyage.

We’ve been to Europe before, and we will again, but this trip was unique. For two weeks I was actually working in Paris. I got up in the morning, crossed the street to a bakery for fresh croissants, and rode the Metro to the office. Dorinna shopped in the markets for dinner. We were living, not just vacationing, in Paris. Being there for almost five weeks was also categorically different than a shorter trip. We spent a lot less time jet-lagged, and a lot more time truly relaxed. A great trip and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Back in February 2018, I published a post where I gave a goal to myself to finish the story of Le Grand Voyage by the end of the year. I made it! Thanks for reading!

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