Adventure 2019: Lake Agnes (February 24)

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In a recent Weekly Image Rich Ruh post, I told the story about a snowshoeing trip I did with my friends Neil Etheridge (Australia) and Tomaso Bertoli (Italy). Our destination was Lake Agnes, and while my favorite image of the week has already been featured, I shot more than one good photo on that day.

I’ve only visited in the summer, when the small island in the middle of Lake Agnes is considerably harder to visit.

Two shots of Nokhu Crags. I’ve always been fascinated by this mountain. The right-hand side is granitic precambrian rock, while the left-hand side was originally from the Pierre Shale formation. The granitic intrusions baked the shale into much harder rock. In the summer, you can see a distinct line between these two different rock types.

Group shot of Neil, Tomaso, and I at the lake.

Fearless Grey Jay

We met a hiker who carried ice skates up to the lake for a short skate. She said the ice was smoother than expected.

Final shot of the crags.

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