Adventure 2019: Return to Joshua Tree — Flowers (April 7)

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After my March backpacking trip to Joshua Tree, my next adventure in 2019 was… back to Joshua Tree.

For my regular trip to Redlands, I had planned a trip to arrive early in the day. The idea was to get in early, work a few extra hours on Sunday afternoon, and get a head start to the week. But…

It had been an exceptionally wet winter and spring in the California deserts, and the accounts of wildflower blooms were impossible to ignore. I packed a tripod “just in case.”

On the day of my flight, the flight to Palm Springs was late. First a half-hour, then an hour. As the time ticked by, I made a plan. If I arrived at my rental car by a certain time, I would drive out to Joshua Tree and spend a few hours photographing. If I arrived later… well, it just wasn’t worthwhile to drive an extra two hours to the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, where the flowers were expected to be in bloom.

When my deadline passed, I was still in the air, and by the time I made it to my car, there just wasn’t time. Two hours of driving to arrive at the park an hour before sunset. Just wasn’t worth it.

I went anyway.

I drove back and forth along a section of the road between the park entrance and the Cottonwood Visitor’s Center. I stopped multiple times, getting out and shooting, shooting, shooting the flowers. It was easily the most productive hour of photography I’ve done in years.

So many flowers!
So many flowers!

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