WIRR 2020, March Week 5

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It was the third week of “stay-at-home”, and we ventured out for a local hike. Staying six feet away from people on the trail is quite easy, and we’ve become adept at opening cattle gates with our hiking poles (Pro Tip: Hundreds of people touch these gates on popular weekend days). We hiked the trails in the Eagle’s Nest Open Space, a little over five miles total. This photo shows Eagle’s Nest Rock and the north fork of the Cache La Poudre river, and it became my favorite image of the week.

Eagle’s Nest Rock

Fujifilm X-T2, Fujinon XF 10-24 f/4 R OIS at 24 mm, f/6.4 at 1/1250, ISO 200.

Digital Darkroom. This was shot in fairly even late-afternoon light, which made processing a cinch. The only needed changes were to increase contrast (+13) and texture (+19).

WIRR stands for Weekly Image Rich Ruh. This regular feature on Das Has von Ruh will show and describe my favorite photo created during this weekly period. My weeks start on Mondays, as does the WIRR. I’m hoping to include commentary on the story, the setting, the specs, or the sentiments, depending on the circumstances.

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