WIRR 2020, November Week 3

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My first 365 project was to shoot images exclusively with my iPhone. For that project, I spent a lot of time playing with different effects, textures, and gizmos, just having fun. As COVID winter sets in, I might be returning to these exercises.

Usually covered with plants, this little guy hopped out and asked to be photographed. I agreed, and this became my favorite image of the week. I hope it brings a smile to your face like it did to mine.

Little Rock Bunny

iPhone 12 Pro

Digital Darkroom. My goal here was to emphasize the texture and give the image an old and weathered quality. I started processing by raising contrast, lowering highlights, and really boosting texture. I added a vignette and some rather conspicuous grain. After that, I brought the image into PhotoToaster to add scratches and a slight color tint. Back in Lightroom, I boosted up the exposure by half a stop to finish the image.

WIRR stands for Weekly Image Rich Ruh. This regular feature on Das Has von Ruh will show and describe my favorite photo created during this weekly period. My weeks start on Mondays, as does the WIRR. I’m hoping to include commentary on the story, the setting, the specs, or the sentiments, depending on the circumstances.

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