Adventure 2020: Telluride 2 (August 4)

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In my previous post, I compared Telluride to an Alpine town – as in, a town in the Alps. Like those towns in Europe, there’s no need to drive anywhere. Just lace up your boots at your condo or hotel and just start walking.

Dorinna and Nate were not in the mood for another hike, so they spent a day exploring around town. They also took a gondola ride up and over the mountain to the ski area village on the other side.

As for me, I set out on a hike for Bear Creek Falls. After following a path through town along a pleasant brook, I turned south on the main trail. The trail to the waterfall itself was a little disappointing. A former road, it was wide and packed with people. Once I made it though, the waterfall made up for it.

On the way down, I did a little exploration. I set off on some herd paths and <details redacted>. I found myself in a narrow flume. Cool from the heat of the day, a little waterfall poured through it. I wasn’t alone, but the crowds were much smaller. I found out later that the locals call this hidden spot “Little Hawaii.”

After hanging out in Little Hawaii with my journal and book, I returned to Telluride. While scanning through Instagram the night before, I found out that our friends Eric and Emily were going to be visiting Telluride the following day. So I hiked directly to the bar where Dorinna and Nate had already joined them for cocktails. Drinks and dinner ended a wonderful day.

7.8 miles

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