Adventure 2020: Navajo Lake 1 (August 5)

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Telluride was fine, but it was time to head away from civilization. After a restful morning and a civilized breakfast, we drove to the Navajo Lake trailhead, southwest of Telluride in the Lizard Head Wilderness.

The walk featured stunning fields of Corn Lilies, leaves turning golden yellow with the approaching fall. While our destination was the lake, we didn’t make it there. We started very late, and were only about half-way there at 4:00pm. It was cloudy with an occasional drizzle and reports from hikers coming down were that a lot of people were already camping at the lake.

To forestall a family mutiny, I checked out the area for campsites and found a great one. No views, but roomy and perfectly flat. It seemed like a smarter move to relax rather than arrive at dinner time, cold, exhausted, and needing to search for a site. It was a good call and we had a restful evening.

3.6 miles

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