Adventure 2020: Navajo Lake 2 (August 6)

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Stopping when we did the night before was a pro move, as the climb to Navajo Lake was a backbreaker.

A whole bunch of people were leaving just as we arrived, so we snagged a primo campsite with a great view of the lake and the basin beyond.

That basin is where we headed for a day hike after setting up. Nate and Dorinna stopped after a mile, but I kept going with no real destination in mind.

Then I decided that 4:30 would be a good turnaround point, and I would turn around then. Or when I hit the upper basin. Well I got to the upper basin, and kept chugging. And then it was 4:32, and the top of the pass… was so close. So I went for it, and glad I did because it felt great.

I rocketed down the hill, doing the 3 miles back to camp, over loose shale for part of it, in just over an hour. Lots of miles, lots of elevation.

We had a nice dinner and walked around watching pikas and photographing the sunset. A great day in the mountains.


3 miles

Day Hike to the Pass

5.8 miles

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