Adventure 2020: Browns Peak Circumambulation, Day 1 (September 5)

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I’ve always loved the word circumambulation. The word is a multisyllabic masterpiece for such a simple concept.

For Labor Day 2020, we invited our friends the Liprandi family for their first backpacking trip. With the Cameron Pass area literally ablaze, we headed farther north to the Snowy Range. The goal of the trip was to circumambulate around Browns Peak.

The first day was pretty straightforward. The trailhead at Brooklyn Lake was pretty packed, but as expected most of the trail users were day hikers. We had lunch at the first lake where I’ve camped twice before. Our friends outclassed our lunch with quiches from a local French bakery.

From there we continued to Twin Lakes, where we had our first excitement of the day. A helicopter, colored in rescue red, started circling the lake. Eventually it touched down and rescue workers came out. Apparently someone next to the lake wasn’t doing well- heart attack or something some other hikers surmised. The kids certainly got a kick out of seeing the helicopter land and take off.

We took numerous stops across the tundra before finding a spot to go off trail.

From there, we traversed cross-country to Arrowhead Lake. The alpine meadows of the Snowy Range make this quite easy. There were already two parties camped at the lake, but we found a great spot along the outlet stream.

The site already had an occupant, but we were able to share the space.

We ended the day with a relaxing afternoon and evening.

5.9 miles

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