Adventure 2021: Greyrock (May 29)

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Our plan was for a 3-day backpacking trip, but an absolutely dismal weather forecast forced us to change our plans. We got up early on Saturday and drove up the canyon to Greyrock.

As we hiked up the trail, I taught the kids about poison ivy, turning it into a “Is this poison ivy?” game. (Those familiar with the trail know that there are plenty of examples to be found!)

This was my first time back at Greyrock since the fires. The upper reaches were badly burned, but undergrowth was coming back. Everything was May Green all day, but in mid-summer this hike should probably be avoided. The Wintersteen ridge looked like a nightmare of blowdown.

The kids marveled at the steep final pitches, but ultimately it was’t a problem. Great views from the top of course, even with the storms gathering everywhere.

On the way down, we added a few miles by taking the Greyrock Meadows trail. This was absolutely spectacular and glowed with verdant green. If anything this trail was even more open, with fantastic views all around. Forest fires have really transformed this hike.

The kids were definitely tired at the end, but it was also a completely successful day. We had a couple of sprinkles, but the extra shade was actually quite helpful.

The downpour started later in the afternoon and continued through the rest of the weekend. We made the right call by not backpacking.

With Nate, Eric and Mike Liprandi

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