Adventure 2021: Wind Rivers, Day 1 (July 10)

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At least every few years I try to go backpacking with my friend Jon. The last time we had hiked together was an adventure in the Zirkel mountains. The word “adventure” is not used lightly; these trips tend to be significantly harder than my usual fare. This year would prove to be no exception.

Jon picked me up at 6:30 am. We loaded an old bicycle onto the car, and we were on the road within 15 minutes. We took turns driving and minimized stops as we headed for the Wind Rivers of central Wyoming. We dropped off packs (and me) at our starting trailhead. Jon drove a few miles to the trailhead where we planned on ending, left the car, and rode the bicycle back to the starting trailhead. We were hiking by the impressive time of 1:45 pm.

The hike started off great, but on a later climb I really hit a wall physically, and the rest of the day was rough. The mosquitoes were pretty bad, especially once we stopped walking.

We hiked a little over 8 miles to Cook Lake, so the fatigue was earned. We found a spot and I relaxed while Jon did some more photography. It was a hard day, but this was just the beginning…

8.2 miles

Strava link

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