Hi, I’m Rich Ruh, and welcome to my website. I’m a fine art photographer, backpacker, and traveler living in northern Colorado. This site is my creative outlet to share my photography and stories with the world.

I’m often asked what kind of photos I like to make but I struggle to put myself in a labeled box such as “landscape photographer.” While I always enjoy landscapes and wildflowers, I also delve into abstracts. Bold colors and textures excite me, but I also enjoy finding samples of overlooked and simple beauty in everyday life, whether on the streets of Fort Collins, my backyard, or more exotic locations farther from home. Jumping between genres may prohibit me from a photographic career or 10,000 Instagram followers, but I find it more creative and rewarding.

I try to keep my main website focused on photography and trip stories, with an occasional foray into music, books, and technology. Friends and family may be more interested in my family website, which includes more about my wife Dorinna and my son Nate.

For my day job, I’m a software developer working for Esri, the world’s leading provider of Geographic Information Software (GIS). I specialize in providing third-party developer APIs for core data access and networking.Before moving to Colorado at the turn of the century, I came from the northeast. I grew up in New Hampshire, where I hiked in the White Mountains and acquired a life-long passion for the Red Sox. I went to school at Clarkson University in upstate New York, where I switched my stomping grounds to the Adirondack Mountains. I started my career and met my wife in New York’s Capital District. After finishing our 46 and getting married, it was time to move west.

How about the name of the site? The Ruh family hails from Zurich, a German-speaking region of Switzerland. Das Haus von Ruh translates into English as The House of Ruh.

I hope you enjoy my photos and stories. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!