About this Website

This website is to share my photography, as well as thoughts about technology (especially iOS and Mac-related) and other topics.

About Rich

I was born in New Jersey, but moved at an early age to New Hampshire. New England’s culture influenced my upbringing, although I still have to fake the accent. College was in upstate New York, as far “upstate” as you can still be while staying in the United States. After college was a stint in New York’s Capital District, where I started my work life and met my wife Dorinna.

Starting with trips I took with my parents to the White Mountains, continuing with my high school and college outing clubs, and then with the Adirondack Mountain Club, the outdoors played a significant part of my life. They were important to Dorinna as well, so after we got married, moving to Colorado was an easy decision. We’ve been in Fort Collins for eight years now, and although I have fond memories of the East, we have no plans to return.

For work, I started as a computer programmer. Over time I realized that people are more interesting than bits and bytes, so I moved into leadership roles and then management. The shift is now complete, and I’ve turned in my MSDN subscription for the Harvard Business Review.

I believe strongly that life should be fun, and this web site and blog is an attempt to share that fun with family and friends.


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